La gestion Marinov du Port de l’Etang Z’Abricots
a pris fin le 30 Novembre 2017.

Les services du Port de Plaisance sont dorénavant
assurés directement par la CACEM.

Vous pouvez nous contacter par mail :
Bienvenue au port des Z’abricots…
Bienvenue au port des Z’abricots…


A protocol for protecting and monitoring the mangrove was created in order to assess the site and to suggest corrective measures to best preserve the environmental qualities of the Etang Z’Abricots Marina.

This facility is also part of the “clean port” labelling approach of France’s “Grenelle de la mer” environmental round table.

Facilities for the recovery of grey and black water are available for self-service by boaters, etc.


Discharging waste water (black water and grey water) directly into the port is PROHIBITED.

You may use the sanitary facilities and equipment available on the docks.

Washing clothes or dishes on the pontoon is PROHIBITED!


Marine kits for preventing the propagation of hydrocarbons on the surface of the water and for absorbing them are used preventively or correctively.

Swimming and fishing are prohibited in the marina.